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We use cookies and other technologies to improve the site and understand how people are using it. This page lists what we use, why and what you can do to opt out.

Read the full privacy and cookie policy on the Dorset Council website.

Local Storage use

We use a feature of your browser called 'Local Storage' to keep track of whether you have seen the DorsetExplorer tour, when you last saw the 'welcome message' and keep track of any personalisation or preferences you've set. These are only stored in your browser and never sent to us. They are used by the application to show, hide or tweak the relevant parts of the site to be personal to you. This is what stops you from seeing a prompt to take the tour every single time you visit, and how it remembers your layer control sort order preference. These are controlled by you and can be deleted at any time, just search for your browser name and the term 'delete local storage'.


Feel free to contact us either using the feedback link, or via email, at gis[at]